Handicrafters Group

What is the Handicrafters Group?
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The Handicrafters are MGMS club members who like to make craft items. We make raffle prizes for the annual show, items for the Jackson Women's Expo, and sometimes we just make things for ourselves, for fun; teaching one another new skills. Some of the things we like to make:

  • Gemstone beaded jewelry
  • Wire-wrapped jewelry
  • Crocheted wire jewelry
  • Clay beads
  • Painted and/or bead/stone wrapped wine glasses
  • Wire trees mounted on rocks (used at the Kid's Craft table at our annual show for the children to glue gemstones to)

We welcome any club member volunteers who would like to teach a particular crafting technique to the group, as well as any ideas for new things to make. See our gallery page for photos of things we've made. If you'd like to preview how to make the gemstone trees before we get together to make them for the show, check out this YouTube video. Please note that when we make the trees for the show, we do not add the gemstones, as that step is what the children do at the craft table. There are many different techniques to making these, and the ones we make for the show are simple. It's a fun project to work on, and after helping us make some for the show, you just might be inspired to expand your skills and make one for yourself :)

Handicrafters Host

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Refer to the club member list pdf you received via email for contact phone numbers. If you need a copy, request by email to: for a copy. For privacy reasons, the member list is only distributed to current members.